Chen Feng turned his head and glanced at He Dushang and said helplessly:“boss,People’s marks are done for this purpose,You can’t even admit it!Hundreds of millions of devices have installed Super Xun virtual machines,If you lock the screen at the same time,Then the trouble is really big。Do you want to go to jail?I don’t want to!”

He Dusang is waiting for the dust wind,But at this time there is actually only one brainwashing divine tune in his mind:“The person i love most,Hurt me the most,I have no right to choose……”
In addition to a cameo appearance as a little magic assistant,Lu Yuxin, who hadn’t said a word, suddenly spoke。
“Mr. He,Don’t be stubborn。Why don’t you sit here,Let’s discuss a more appropriate way,Put it over happily。What do you think?”
“After all, you are almost fifty this year, right??”
“In case of a five-year sentence,It’s almost fifty-five when it comes out!”
“how to say,This age is not too old。”
“There is a chance for a comeback。”
“Five years,The whole world has changed for you!”
“Are you married?”
“Do you have kids?”
“I think your relationship with the lady at the front desk seems pretty good!”