His voice fell off,The crowd suddenly stirred up,They surrounded Anna again。

“All have,Loading the gun!”
The captain beside Annena Shen Sheng gave orders to her soldiers,“If anyone dares to step forward,Shot and killed immediately!”
“You have the ability to kill us all!”
Bald heard this,Do not retreat,He stood up and said without fear,“Tell you the truth,I just sent someone to report the news,After a while, people from all over the world who are not sick will come over,People who saw you kill us,They must fight you hard,I will see if you can kill it!”
Mo Xiaosheng can see it too,This bald man is the kind of typical spoiler in every village,And also a very savvy rascal,Know how to stir people’s emotions,And know how to use people’s psychology,he knows,Now this strange disease with extremely high mortality is sweeping all nearby villages,So all the villagers present thought they had no hope of survival,So they dared to take their lives against the army。
First0543How can Zhang be a deserter
Mo Xiaosheng saw that this group of villagers was in a posture of death,Immediately stood up and said to everyone,“Everyone wait,I promised to heal this old grandson,If after my treatment,This old grandson is not getting any better,It’s not too late for you to catch us!”
Anina’s face suddenly changed when she heard Mo Xiaosheng’s words.,Said anxiously,“ink,You are crazy!”
she knows,The cells in this old grandson’s body have all been occupied by the virus,And the immune system has completely collapsed,Even if the virus in his body disappears magically now,Then the old grandson will also get other diseases,Finally die。
Why doesn’t Mo Xiaosheng know this?,Although this old grandson still breathes,But it’s no different from the dead,Not much difference at all。
But now the form is forced,He can only bite the bullet and heal。
Otherwise once the shot is fired,The dead will be countless。