[3 minutes painkiller medicine formula]_How to soak_How to soak

[3 minutes painkiller medicine formula]_How to soak_How to soak

The efficacy of medicinal liquor is relatively large. Generally, it has the functions of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, and has the function of evacuating and clearing collaterals. Some medicinal liquors also have good analgesic effects. There are also many analgesic medicinal liquors in this area, which can be blended by yourself. For exampleIt is said that Panax notoginseng wine, safflower diffuse liquor, etc. can all play a certain analgesic effect on the pain caused by bruises. It is also necessary to understand some precautions when drinking medicinal wine.

3 minutes painkiller medicinal formula Sini Yi medicinal liquor has good effect, neuralgia Baidu liquor: Baichuan Wu 35 grams, raw grass Wu 35 grams, Eucommia ulmoides 35 grams, honeysuckle 35 grams, angelica 35 grams, Wujiapi35 grams, 35 grams of sea breeze, 2 black plums, 1500 ml of white wine, 100 grams of rock sugar, and 100 grams of brown sugar.

Fry the first 8 flavors of water for 2 hours, take the liquid medicine and add rock sugar, brown sugar, and then add white wine after melting.

10 times each morning and evening?
20 ml.

Efficacy: Wenjing Sanhan, Tongluo analgesic.

It is suitable for those who suffer from low back pain for a long time, with high curative effect and quick recovery.

Medicinal wine diet party 1.

Panax notoginseng wine takes rhubarb, peach kernel, Zeelan, safflower, angelica tail, frankincense, myrrh, Qin Ling, Chuan Xuan off, Eucommia, bone broken tonic, upper ascaris, hematoxylin, unnamed, natural copperHorse Reserve Seeds (Fried Yellow and Hair Removal) 150 grams each, Datian Qi, Blood Exhausted, Rupert 120 grams each, Aesculus chinensis 90 grams, Sanhua wine (white wine) 15 kilograms.

20 tablets of the medicine are placed in a container, Sanhua wine is added, sealed, soaked for more than 2 months, filtered to remove residue, ready to serve.


15–30 ml each time, 1–2 times daily.

external use.

If swelling and pain, rub the affected area, rub 2-3 times a day.

If the wound is broken, apply a sterile gauze or cotton pad soak it, apply a bandage, and change the dressing once a day.

This party applies to bruises.

Pregnant women should avoid oral administration.


Safflower Manjiu uses 100 ml of Indian liquor, 50 grams each of Liaoning safflower and impatiens, on white staff.

Place the last 3 ambiguous containers, add white wine, seal, soak for 24-48 hours, filter to remove residue, and serve.

Topical use: Soak in gauze for 20 minutes, and apply to swelling.

If the gauze infusion is dry, you can sprinkle safflower wine on the gauze dressing at any time to keep it moist, and change the medicine every other day or once a day.

This side swelling and pain.

Suitable for thumping injuries.

3) Love Tips 1.

There are many other medicines for traumatic injury. They may be scattered in nine, scattered blood circulation, scattered medicine, thirty-seven tablets, wound dampness pain cream, various medicinal liquors, etc.


The above introduction (prescription) medicine, please refer to the consultation with the local distance (Chinese medicine) hospital, combined with their own physiological characteristics and different pathological changes, select and use the syndrome.