Dark circles and sallow yellow skin with chrysanthemum soothes liver qi

Dark circles and sallow yellow skin with chrysanthemum soothes liver qi

Winter tonic is correct, but just like “good steel is used on the blade”, just after the heavy snow festival last week, the country’s temperature fell sharply, transforming the approach of the winter solstice and solar terms. This winter is about to reach the coldest time.

At this time, it is better to start tonic, and teach everyone to make a chrysanthemum porridge.

  Dark circles under the face?

Ingredients for soothing liver qi with chrysanthemum: 15 grams of chrysanthemum, 100 grams of rice

Wash the chrysanthemum and wash the rice; 2.

2. Put chrysanthemum and rice in the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, cover, and boil over high heat; 3.

Bring the wenhuo to the porridge.

  The porridge disperses wind and heat, clears the liver, and lowers blood pressure, and is suitable for people with dizziness, headache, waxy yellow face, and dark circles.

  First, chrysanthemums can clear liver gas and help the liver detoxify the liver. The liver is an important detoxification organ in the body. Toxins absorbed by the intestines and stomachs must be converted into non-toxic substances through the detoxification process in the liver, and then replaced by bile or urine.

The liver is overloaded for a long time and too much body toxins cannot be eliminated in time.

The main function of the liver is metabolism. Abnormal metabolic functions lead to fatigue in the limbs, laziness and less movement. Even if you do n’t eat too much, you can’t stop gaining weight and cause a vicious circle.

If the liver qi is not good, the whole body’s qi and blood operation will be chaotic, and women will become irritable, irritable, and have menstrual disorders.

  And Chinese medicine believes that chrysanthemum tastes bitter, bitter cold, returns to the lungs, liver meridian, has the effect of evacuation of wind and heat, clearing heat and detoxifying, and calming the liver and eyesight.

Traditional Chinese medicine can treat symptoms such as red eyes, sore throat, tinnitus, wind and cold, headache, high blood pressure, and sores.

If it is consumed for a long time, it also has the effect of “blowing blood, lightening, and prolonging life”.

  Second, chrysanthemums soaked in water or moistened with cotton pads to eliminate dark circles and chrysanthemums have high medicinal effects and high nutritional value. There are many customs of eating chrysanthemums in many places.

The smell of chrysanthemum is fragrant, soft and refreshing.

There are many ways to eat, including fresh, dry, raw, cooked, braised, steamed, boiled, fried, grilled, mixed, or shredded into the filling, chrysanthemum wafers and chrysanthemum dumplings have their own unique features.
Chrysanthemums eat yellow, white chrysanthemum, especially white chrysanthemum. Hang chrysanthemum, Huangshan chrysanthemum, and Fushan chrysanthemum are all top quality.

  Of course, the easiest way to eat is to make a pot of chrysanthemum tea.

  When brewing chrysanthemum tea, it is best to use transparent glass, put four or five capsules at a time, and then brew with boiling water. When the water is 70% or 80% hot, you can see that the tea gradually brews into a yellowish color.drink.

  In addition, when you get up early, use a cotton pad dipped in chrysanthemum tea juice and gently compress the eye area, which can eliminate dark circles.

  Reminder: The wood corresponds to the liver, the liver opens the eyes to the eye, the wooden material can only be full if the eye is full. If you are emotionally agitated, restless, chest pain, sharp decline in vision and other symptoms, you need to nourish the liver.

  Liver strongest time: 1?
The weakest time at 3 o’clock: 13?
17:00 strong liver Keywords: Shu ● liver is afraid of fatigue, the liver is the weakest period of time must pay attention to rest, if you must work, then at least every 5 hours to rest the eyes.

  Additional reminders: 1.

Chrysanthemums should be extracted from yellow and white chrysanthemums. White chrysanthemums are preferred. Wild chrysanthemums should not be used. Because chrysanthemums are slightly poisonous, they can cause loss of appetite, vomiting and diarrhea.

2. Chrysanthemums are cold, with a debilitating constitution, and those who eat less diarrhea should take caution; 3.

Diet therapy is just a daily supplementary treatment, don’t rely too much; if you feel unwell, please seek medical treatment as soon as possible.