Dunn-Ferrer and Antonio this season-Davis shared the starting field,Larry Brown will often switch their appearances,And this game,Larry Brown chose to be slightly smaller,only2.01Meter95KGDunn-Ferrell。Rick of the original team-Schmitz is a very big burden,2.24Mike-Schmitz has been very slow,If the small forward position is still used2.06Antonio Davis,Then the pace of the Lakers can easily compliment the Pacers。

On the other side, the Blazers’ players are not good,Only Reggie Miller attacked at the start2Three points,Other players don’t seem to have a good way to face the Lakers’ defense.。Campbell can’t help it2.24Mike-Schmitz,But Rick-Schmitz is never an offensive insider。
And the Lakers’ perimeter defensive group,The game was done well。Reggie Miller keeps scoring,There is no solution。Eddie Jones and Bowen take turns trying to defend Miller,But Miller, who came to the state today, is not that good defensively。
First quarter past6minute,Kobe4in4Take down11Minute2Backboard1Assist。Reggie Miller on the other side is6cast4in,Take down10Minute。The performance of the two is not the same,But Larry Brown clearly felt that things were out of control,Kobe can score,But the score against Mark Jackson was too easy,Kobe’s three quarters60Separation is not plural now,Larry Brown didn’t know that Kobe was a player who could defeat a team by himself,If Kobe keeps raising hands like this~sense,Later, all kinds of fairy balls fly randomly,Easily scored。
“Double-team ahead,coach。”Reggie Miller looked upset,The Lakers did not make any targeted arrangements for his defense at all,Even so,His scoring efficiency is also far less than that of Kobe, who was double-teamed on the three-point line.。
“hold on。”Larry Brown weighs pros and cons,If you choose to double-team in advance,The Pacers’ conventional defensive system completely collapsed。Not that no team took early double-teaming against Kobe,The effect is not ideal。Larry Brown believes that his tactical arrangement can slightly contain Kobe,Instead of betting on the Lakers’ overall offense~sense。
Back on the court,Kobe’s defender switched from short Mark Jackson to Dunn-Ferrell。
Kobe still takes the initiative to attack,Play style supplemented by organization series。Since the Pacers are a complete defensive system,All Kobe has to do is break a loophole,Let the teammates charge together later。
“Single section21Minute!?”Larry Bird looked calm and still,Kobe, who walked slowly into the bench from the field,Holding technical statistics report,Let out an exclamation。
“21Minute!It’s exactly the same as the Pacers’ team score!”Ma Fu also opened his mouth wide。
Another exaggerated offensive performance,Lakers first quarter28:21Walker。And Kobe’s score alone is comparable to the Pacers’ team.。
This kind of scoring efficiency is not obtained in an easy one-on-one,Larry Brown created one trap after another for Kobe,But Kobe didn’t pass the ball!Just fight by yourself!
When Mark Jackson was defending, he used a step to turn over and back jumper!Dunn-Ferrer used the face frame when defending!Three threats,Trial step,Quick pull jumper,Before the double formation,Or even after the doubles are formed,Rely on his excellent air conditioning ability to force points。
Miller is obviously unable to keep up with Kobe’s scoring rhythm。
“referee!damn it!That damn Bowen untie my shoelaces!”Miller looked blank,He has never seen such a shameless trick!He almost tripped to the ground!The Lakers are a nest of gangsters。