[How to prepare dried shrimps]_ delicious practice _ practice steps

[How to prepare dried shrimps]_ delicious practice _ practice steps

Although prawns are very popular, after all, prawns are a seafood product. Seafood products are extremely difficult to store, so people choose to dry the prawns when it is not convenient to transport them.

Dry Kiwi shrimp is not as good as fresh Kiwi shrimp, but when there is no fresh Kiwi shrimp, it is also a good choice.

Making dried shrimp is a test of the producer’s level and method.

How to eat dried shrimp, how to make prawns prawns prawns prawns prawns prawns, prawns prawns are delicious, rich in nutrient protein and trace elements, and the shrimp are low in food ingredients, it is not easy to cause weight gain.Solved the invasion of dieting for girls.

The simmered prawns with scallops retain the original flavor of the prawns.

Slice the ginger and garlic into water, wash the shrimps and boil them until they turn red. Then, put the simmered kiwi shrimp in ice water and cool it a little. Then the kiwi shrimp will taste delicious.It’s simple and easy to get started.

Second, how to make the prawns from the kiwi shrimp? First, we need to process the kiwi shrimp. Put the kiwi shrimp into the water and simmer until it is red. After the kiwi shrimp is cooked, it can be cooled and used.

At this time, you can heat the pot first.

After the shrimp has cooled, you can remove the steamed buns and remove the offal.

Slide the scrambled eggs in the iron pan, quickly stir-fry until the eggs clump, add the shrimp meat and seasoning, and the delicious Ki Wai shrimp egg will be ready.