[Can citron cobalt be eaten]_Can it be eaten_Nutrition value

[Can citron cobalt be eaten]_Can it be eaten_Nutrition value

Many people are very fond of grapefruit. After replacing this kind of fruit, it will have a lot of benefits in their own body, especially it can integrate a heat-clearing and detoxifying effect, so in the case of internal fire in their bodyYou can take this kind of fruit, but I do n’t know if the grapefruit bladder can actually be eaten. If you drink it with grapefruit skin, the effect is very significant, and it can treat many diseases.

1. Pomelo peel boil water to treat children with pneumonia. After eating the grapefruit, leave the skin dry, put a few pieces in the pot and add water to cook them, cut them into pieces, and don’t drink too much water (like fried Chinese medicine).After that, pour the boiled soup into the bowl and drink it for the children, even if they drink it several times.

2, boiled grapefruit skin to treat frostbite This method requires patience and long-term adherence (even if it is good, it is best to persist until the end of this winter), the food product does not change: 15 grams each of pomelo peel and radish seeds, decoction 4 times, 1 dose daily.

The old man’s cough does not heal for a long time: remove the yellow skin of the pomelo peel, chop the remaining scallion, add an appropriate amount of rock sugar, and steam it until it is cooked. Take 50-100 grams each time, once in the morning and evening.

Rubella: Fresh pomelo skin with ginger, smashed, and topical application to the affected area, twice a day, can relieve itching and swelling.

Bronchitis: Wash one piece of honey pomelo, shred the yellow belt and white lotus root, chop them together, put them in a large bowl, add 50-100 grams of rock sugar, and steam with a moderate amount of water until cooked. Eat half a bowl each time, with soup stripsTake the skin together 2 times a day.

It can be seen that grapefruit peel is also a good medicine that can cure diseases.

Therefore, after eating the flesh of grapefruit, do not throw away the skin of grapefruit.

First, peel off the outer skin, pay attention to peel off all the cyan, or not a bit bitter.

Then cut it horizontally into strips, paying attention to thin points.

Boil it in boiling water, then immerse it in cold water for a day or two. Change the water once or twice. When changing the water, pay attention to squeeze out the skin’s moisture and then put it into fresh water (this can remove the bitterness).
After a day or two, squeeze the skin out of the water, dry it a bit, and set aside.

Then boil some sugar, and after cooking into the same water (you can put in some spicy ones), put in the skin and cook for a while.

This makes yuzu.

Second, grapefruit is “stuffed” in the same way as above, except that the skin is cut into three or four pieces into a triangle, and then each piece is carefully cut with a knife to make a small mouth for putting the finished filling in (This filling is up to everyone’s taste, usually used to make tofu))).

Remember to cook it with boiling water, soak it in cold water for a day or two, squeeze out the water and brew.

Just cook it again.