First0488Internal and external troubles

“This one……Sorry,Excuse me!”
Political Commissar Qian looked back at him with a sly smile,In fact, he doesn’t even know the things in secret warehouses No. 2 and 3.,Even if it wasn’t for the group of people above who were having a meeting about Dongying,It’s not his turn to bring Mo Xiao to birth。
What he said,Mo Xiaosheng is more curious about the things in this secret warehouse,Can’t help but ask,“Will I have a chance to enter these two secret warehouses in the future??”
“It depends on your performance!”Political Commissar Qian said with a smile,“The Military Intelligence Department is a place for rewards,If you have made any outstanding achievements,Maybe the chief can approve you to enter!”
Mo Xiaosheng nodded,I can’t help but look forward to it,I hope I can go in one day and see what’s inside。
After Mo Xiaosheng came out with Political Commissar Qian,,Never go upstairs,Go to the lounge area on the side of the hall,Ready to read while waiting for Ye Bing。
Before going upstairs, Political Commissar Qian asked someone to bring Mo Xiaosheng a glass of water.,At the same time, I still don’t forget Mo Xiaosheng.:“Major Mo,These three books can only be read by yourself,Can’t let anyone see,Including Colonel Ye,And you are going to return these books some time later!”
“I know!”
Mo Xiaosheng nodded repeatedly,Busy replied,He can’t see enough by himself,How could you be willing to show it to others!
Mo Xiaosheng then carefully took out the book and read it。
The content in these books is obscure,Almost a sentence or two contains a huge amount of information,Mo Xiaosheng understands while trying to figure it out,Not at all boring,Unknowingly, more than an hour passed。
And Ye Bing just got down from the stairs at this time,Frowning,Seems to be thinking about something,Only after seeing Mo Xiaosheng’s back color did he return to normal,Apologize,“Sorry,I came down late!”
“Not too late!”