After the blind man fixes all this,Nangong Yunwei has also changed her clothes,Because medicinal moxibustion needs,So she wears more refreshing,It’s the kind of dress commonly seen in gyms。

The upper body is a long black tube top,With a white belly and belly button,The lower body is a pair of shorts,Two days long legs, slender and fair,Very well proportioned。
Shi Yaoyang’s heart itch,But he dared not show a trace of wretchedness in his eyes。
After Nangong Yunwei is ready,The blind man grabbed Ye Shuang’s hand and touched it,Then I pressed Ye Shuang’s Laogong Point,Ye Shuang hurriedly followed the instructions to smoke and roast at Laogong acupoint in Nangong Yunwei’s palm。
Nangong Yunwei only feels a warm feeling from her hand,Comfortable。
Then the blind man was in Yeshuang’s arms again、Pressed the acupuncture points on the back and other places,Ye Shuang hurriedly followed his instructions and smoked it in the same place on Nangong Yunwei’s body.。
“Yun Wei,how do you feel?”Nangong Yunxi Concerned,With a hint of worry in his tone。
“Very comfortable。”Nangong Yunwei smiled,Feeling hot all over,It’s different from the previous hot body surface,This time I feel warm and comfortable from the inside out。
“Don’t worry, Chu Shao,Just smoke it twice more,Miss’s disease can be completely eradicated。”The blind smiled confidently。
“Doctor Ni’s sign is really well-deserved。”Shi Yaoyang followed bluntly。
Zheng Fan’s face is ashen,I know this big contract may be completely out of play this time。
Another half hour passed,Medicinal moxibustion is over,Nangong Yunwei’s skin exposed outside the clothes is under the effect of the medicine,Ruddy pink,My face is flushing,Lost the paleness of the past,The whole person’s mental state looks much better。
“Mr. Ni’s medical skills are really extraordinary!”
Nangong Yunxi saw her sister’s complexion so good,Look overjoyed,Hurried to Nangong Yunwei,Eagerly:“Yun Wei,Feel different from before?”
“Feel more comfortable,I also have strength。”Nangong Yunwei also smiled,Can’t help but get a little excited。
“How long will the blush on her body disappear?”Nangong Yunxi glanced at Chu Yunwei’s skin,I feel red is a little weird,Can’t help but care。
“This is the performance of the drug effect,Another ten minutes,Will fall away,do not worry。”The blind man smiled and said。