Let your baby grow in the game

Let your baby grow in the game

1. In the form of games, adults will purposefully read children’s songs, ancient poems, and tell stories with the baby, and promote the language development of the baby in the process of playing.

For example, imitating various movements and reading children’s songs: “Little chick, hoe, follow her mother to catch worms to eat.

Little duckling, badger, swaying.

Little frog, 呱呱呱, jump up and down 呱呱呱 . “2. Let the baby observe, touch, taste new things, and tell the baby about the characteristics of things.

What is this?

what colour?

What shape?

What’s the taste?

  3. Exercise your baby’s basic actions such as walking, running, jumping, and climbing through games to enhance your physique.

2 years old is a period of rapid development of baby’s basic movements. Mom and dad need to exercise the baby’s movements in the form of games according to the characteristics of the baby at this stage.

  4, guide Bao to do some self-service labor and household chores.

If the baby’s snot comes out, mom and dad encourage the baby to wipe it by himself; when the mother picks vegetables, let the baby take a basket to hold the vegetables;

In short, mom and dad try to let the baby exercise and grow up in the form of games in daily life.