Jing Chu doesn’t know,Don’t want to know。

Anyway, they are facing Zhang Mengke,A little scared。
Zhang Mengke also wondered,Did they admit the wrong person??
“Are you sure it is me?”
Si Ye nodded frequently,Respectfully said:“Can’t be wrong!It’s you!How about this,I kick this bastard out,You manage this company!”
Zhang Mengke is also very scared,Why does every company treat itself this way,Just now he was blatantly about to hit someone,Even assault yourself,How did your attitude change drastically??
So she curled her lips,Said:“no need,I don’t want to have anything to do with you,Brother Xiaochu,Can we go?”
Si Ye is terrified,If Miss Zhang Mengke gets angry,What will befall him will be a devastating disaster!
Even my life may not be guaranteed。
“Miss Zhang Mengke,I beg you,Do not be mad,I’ll give whatever you want!”
Zhang Mengke shook his head,Looking up at Jing Chu。
Jing Chu and Zhang Mengke made a look,I understand what she means,I can tell,She was really terrified。
So Zhang Mengke doesn’t know why he is so good?
Jing Chu doesn’t even know。
So Jing Chu stepped forward,Kicked the so-called fourth master’s belly,As a small punishment for wanting to be frivolous about Zhang Mengke。
Si Ye snorted,Holding my stomach hurts and sweating,Although the eyes are full of hate,But still dare not say anything。