Not that you can’t afford a car——If Chu Yi really wants to buy,Directly put this Porsche4SIt’s easy to buy in the store。

The issue is,Even bought,Have no chance to drive!
“I am a little security,Driving a Porsche to get off work?Doesn’t seem appropriate?”
Chu Yi feel,The car here,Are not worthy of their security status。
“and,When collecting rent,Usually you have to drive into the community!Driving a car,Not very convenient!”
A comparison,Chu Yi found,Or my little donkey is the most practical!
It can be said that all aspects of Porsche have completely exploded!
“but……”Chu Yi thought of another thing,“after a while,Student Su Zimo is coming to Magic City,I can’t ride a donkey to pick her up?”
Think so,Chu Yi felt,I really need to buy a car。
“Colleagues in the security department often say……People who drive Porsches are very high-profile、Very exaggerated!”Chu Yi actually doesn’t understand this statement。
Isn’t it a car worth one or two million??
Isn’t it ordinary?
Where is the high profile?Where is it?
“If I bought a Porsche,Will definitely be looked down upon by colleagues in the security department!”Chu Yi doesn’t want others to think he’s exaggerated,“Go back and buy a car that suits your security status!”
Chu Yi is hanging out。
A shy look,A salesperson who is still in the internship at a glance,Stepped forward somewhat cautiously:“Hello sir!Need me to introduce you?”
“can!”Chu Yi nodded。
For the car,He really doesn’t understand,I just know some car logos。
“Ok,this way please!”The beauty salesperson seriously made a please gesture,Then walked to a black sports car and introduced,“This is our new model this year……”
“Chu Yi?”suddenly,There was an exclamation next to me,“Really you!I thought I confessed to the wrong person!”