[How long will the pumpkin be cooked]_Cooking time_How to cook

[How long will the pumpkin be cooked]_Cooking time_How to cook

When making pumpkins, the most common way is to cook pumpkins. It doesn’t take long to cook the pumpkins. Generally, they can be cooked in 3 to 5 minutes after the water is boiled.This means that the pumpkin is cooked. Eating some pumpkins properly has a good health effect. It has a detoxifying effect. It contains pectin and vitamins and has good detoxifying effects.

How long to cook pumpkin for rice, pumpkin method 1, according to the number of people, prepare the right amount of rice and pumpkin, wash rice, clean the pumpkin; 2, wash and peel the pumpkin, cut into small tins; 3, until the water in the pot to burnAfter opening, pour the diced pumpkin first and cook for 3?
5 minutes; 4, pour the cleaned rice, turn over, turn to high fire and turn to low fire, and make porridge; 5, pay attention to observation, after the pumpkin yellowish Qin into the rice, sweet and delicious pumpkin porridge!!

Tips: 1. The pumpkin itself has a sweet taste, so I did n’t put anything. I always feel that the original food is the best, hoho; 2. Do n’t drink too much water. I like a little sticky porridge, which is very fragrant;Pumpkin effect and function one, detoxification pumpkin has detoxification effect: pumpkin contains vitamins and pectin, pectin has good adsorption, can replace and eliminate toxins and other harmful substances in the body, can play a detoxifying effect on the liverThe kidney has a certain protective effect.

Second, stomach-protecting and digestive pumpkin has a stomach-protecting and digestive effect, because pumpkin is rich in pectin, and the substance has the effect of protecting the gastric mucosa and rough food stimulation, and pumpkin can also promote bile secretion, Strengthen high blood pressure peristalsis and help food digestion.

Third, do you know that beauty and beauty, girl friends often eat pumpkin can make the skin better, you can carry out the effect of beauty and beauty Oh.

Fourth, to promote growth and development If children often eat pumpkin, it can promote growth and development, because pumpkin is rich in zinc, and can synthesize nucleic acids and proteins in the human body, is an important substance for human growth and development.

Fifth, help sleep Old people often eat pumpkin can help sleep well, because it replaces tryptophan and is responsible for helping the body to make serotonin. This neurotransmitter has a relaxing effect, can relieve tension and improve mood, Which helps to fall asleep.

6. Preventing lipids in pumpkin seeds of the prostate has good therapeutic and preventive effects on prostate urinary system diseases and prostate hyperplasia.

Therefore, male friends often eat pumpkin is also a good choice for health care.