“what happened?”

Qin Shi replied。
“thank you,Let our family see hope。”
Qin Shi smiled slightly,“You are not allowed to say thank you to me。”
“But can you let me know why,Why are you so good to me,Why are you willing to spend so much money for us。”
Lin Yun can’t figure it out,According to Qin Shi’s network and financial resources,Don’t you want the wind to get the wind,To rain。
Why bother in Lin’s family,Deal with so much trouble every day?
“You are my family,I don’t spend my money for my family,and.You are really important to me,You will understand later,I promise。”
Lin Yun turned around for the first time,Turning over to Qin Shi,This is how many days they slept,Actions that Lin Yun has never done before。
“I have another question。”
Qin Shi also twisted his mind,Facing Lin Yun,The distance between the two is only a few centimeters,Qin Shi could even clearly feel the breath from Lin Yun。
Lin Yun bit her lip and thought for a while,“Forget it。”Then turned back。
Qin Shi covered Lin Yun with a quilt,Sighed,Lie down by yourself。
“Do not worry,Everything has me。”
Just one sentence,Let Lin Yun’s heart rate on the other side of the bed almost increased by half。
This night,The family slept too soundly。
The next morning,Qin Shi still got up very early,Wash up in the morning,Lying on the table and gobbled up。
“This kid,Eat slowly,Don’t choke。”
Zhang Man looked at Qin Shi’s food,Can’t help laughing。